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Schwarze Kopfhörer vor gelbem Hintergrund


On 10 September 2020, HHU implemented the BlindSquare app to help blind and partially sighted students and employees find their way around the campus.

How does BlindSquare work?

The app describes what is located in the immediate vicinity of the user and announces intersections and important points to aid orientation. 

“The app was developed in collaboration with blind and partially sighted people,” says Zdzislaw Lipski, who works at the Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIM) and is blind himself.

BlindSquare utilises GPS, Bluetooth (beacons) and the compass integrated into the smartphone of the user to determine position and direction. The app includes descriptions of surroundings, which can then be read out to the user in German or English at the corresponding points.

BlindSquare runs on iPhones and iPads. You can download the free version (BlindSq Event) for use on the campus and/or the more extensive app, which is subject to a fee, from the Apple App Store.

You can also obtain more information from the provider: BlindSquare


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