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Eine wegfahrende U-Bahn an der Haltestelle Universität Ost/Botanischer Garten


Mobility in Düsseldorf

The facilities of Heinrich Heine University (HHU) and University Hospital Düsseldorf are located on the joint campus in the south of Düsseldorf. A smartphone version of the HHU and the University Hospital campus map is also available (as at: 1 August 2022). You can find further maps, as well as information on public transport stops and how to get to the campus on this page:
HHU – Map and directions

The General Student’s Committee (AStA) provides up-to-date information on the validity period and scope of the travel pass (German only):
AStA – travel pass

Your student ID card – the HHU card – currently has three functions: travel pass, library ID card and canteen card. You can find more information on the website of the Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIM):

The “Accessibility” website of the city of Düsseldorf provides extensive information. Here you can find the “Düsseldorf without barriers” accessibility e-paper published by the city of Düsseldorf. It contains details on public transport and accessible public toilets in Düsseldorf, as well as on sights, excursion options and their accessibility.

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