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Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

The deputy equal opportunity officers support the institutions in fulfilling the statutory equal opportunity mandate and work closely with the central equal opportunity officer. They pursue their tasks by providing comprehensive advice, support and encouragement to female university members and are established with deputies in all faculties and central institutions.

The Equal Opportunity Officers...

Contact person:
still unknown

The counseling and support offered by the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer is extensive. In addition to information on the working time rights of employees on parental leave to the hiring of substitutes for expectant mothers, the Faculty of Medicine also offers a subsidy for the childcare costs of scientists in the Silencium.

An excerpt from the information offers at a glance:

  • Part-time parental leave
  • Financing of a substitute for expectant mothers and employees on parental leave
  • Contract extensions for employed parents and caregivers

Funding opportunities for scientists with children:

  • Individual childcare at Silencium
  • Settlement of childcare costs

Initiatives among others:

  •  Forum Gender in Medicine
  • Network of female professors at the Faculty of Medicine

More information

Prof. Dr. Anke Hilbrenner
Building: 23.31
Floor/Room: 05.62
Phone: +49 211 81-​12928
Dr. Kathrin Dreckmann
Building: 24.21
Floor/Room: 03.27
Phone: +49 211 81-13679
Prof. Dr. Regina Schober
Building: 23.21
Floor/Room: 02.84
Phone: +49 211 81-​14925
Christine Stender
Building: 24.51
Floor/Room: 00.29
Phone: +49 211 81-​14645
Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Troelenberg
Building: 24.51
Floor/Room: 01.24
Phone: +49 211 81-​11956
Dr. Elfi Vomberg
Building: 23.21
Floor/Room: 01.103
Phone: +49 211 81-​12136

The following information can be found on the Faculty Equal Opportunity Officer page of the Faculty of Arts:

  • Women's Grants
  • Further promotion
  • Annual reports
  • Faculty plans for the advancement of women
  • Women's advancement plan commission

More information

Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer
Building: 26.13
Floor/Room: 02.36
Phone: +49 211-81 13479
Dr. Barbara Gioffreda
Building: 26.23
Floor/Room: 02.29
Phone: +49 211-81 13828
Dr. Aleksandra Živković
Building: 26.22
Floor/Room: 01.22
Phone: +49 211-81 15266

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences supports female academic staff on application from the Women's Promotion Fund with measures to reconcile family and career (e.g. financial support for childcare in connection with conference travel).

More information

Prof. Dr. Katharina Lugani
Building: 24.81
Floor/Room: 02.45
Phone: +49 211 81-11429
Dr. Linn-Karen Fischer
Building: 24.91
Floor/Room: U1.21
Phone: +49 211 81-15653

The Equal Opportunity Officer of the Faculty of Law regularly organizes a series of events for female students and doctoral candidates to present career fields with female role models. Young parents can be supported with research work for their doctorate with SHK funds.

More information

Prof. Dr. Katharina Erhardt
Building: 24.31
Floor/Room: 01.01
Phone: +49 211 81-10251
Prof. Dr. Eva Lutz
Building: 23.32
Floor/Room: 00.31
Phone: +49 211 81-15525
Prof. Dr. Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch
Building: 24.31
Floor/Room: 01.16
Phone: +49 211 81-14318

The Faculty of Business and Economics allocates funds annually in its budget for the promotion of junior female scientists (such as for travel expenses or fees for continuing education and training). 

More information

Olga Böse
Building: 23.21
Floor/Room: 04.080
Phone: +49 211 81-​12752
Janine Janus M.A.; MBA
Building: 24.21
Floor/Room: -
Phone: +49 211 81-​15915
Heidrun Riese
Building: 23.03
Floor/Room: 02.64
Phone: +49 211 81-11665
Dipl. Soz.-Päd. Petra Wackers
Building: 16.11
Floor/Room: 00.76
Phone: +49 211 81-​10822
Juliane Feustel
Building: 37.03
Floor/Room: 04.14
Phone: +49 211 81-​12204

Lena Coenen
Ella Katharina van Hees
Alisha Reinhardt
Sonja Willkowski

Daniela Abraham
Building: 12.50
Floor/Room: EG.03
Phone: +49 211 81-18835

More information

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