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UNIVERSEH - European Space University for Earth and Humanity

A union of five higher education institutes in Europe - more than 144.000 students - approximately 13.000 staff and researchers - over 60 partners and stakeholders in the Space Sector

The University of the Future!

UNIVERSEH is an Alliance of five  universities from five European countries. It was established to develop a new kind of collaboration in the field of Space, within the new “European Universities” initiative promoted and financed by the European Commission (EC).

Not only is UNIVERSEH funding provided by the EU initiative, but also for the years 2021-2023 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) of the national accompanying  programme for German universities.

UNIVERSEH creates new higher education interactive experiences for the university community, and for the benefit of society as a whole. Taking into account cultural, philosophical, and sustainability aspects, as well as more classical space fields such as physics or engineering, UNIVERSEH looks at Space in all its dimensions and from all fields, including: science, engineering, economy, business, social and human sciences, patenting and innovation, entrepreneurship, science and medicine, art and culture. 


Our European University Alliance themed 'Space and Humanities' lays the foundations to build innovative employment-oriented curricula and to foster mobility, inclusion, and multilingualism.

Through education and research, UNIVERSEH contributes to the European Education Area, to job and industrial growth, to resolve key societal challenges, to make the space sector more sustainable, and to ensure that the EU remains a global leader in the New Space domain.


What does UNIVERSEH offer...

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