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Bachelor courses with local admission restrictions (Orts-NC)

Other study programmes with local restriction can be found here.

Next to study programmes without any admission restrictions and subjects with nationwide restricted admission there are also those study programmes which are only offered with restriced admission at certain universies - with so-called local admission restriciton ("Orts-NC"). The study places for these programmes with local admission restriction will be awarded to applicants after having taken the "pre-quotas" (e.g. for applicants for further studies and Non-EU applicants) into consideration. The selection criteria are the "Abitur" mark and the waiting time.

Please note the information concerning special request forms related to the application process:
(The same criteria as for study programmes with nationwide admission restriction apply)

Your waiting time after having completed your secondary school degree (Abitur) will be calculated automatically. Please do not submit any training certificates. Only in case you have acquired your university entrance qualification (Abitur) before July 15, 2008, a completed vocational training/employment period before the completion of your Abitur may account for additonal waiting time.

Applicants who are still underage at the time of the start of the lecture period can be potentially considered for a special quota.
If you were born after October 04, 2006 and you are registered at the main residence of your parents in one of the following regions, please additionally include a current registration card:

  • city of Düsseldorf
  • city of Duisburg
  • Mettmann district
  • rhine-district Neuss
  • further additional cities and districts can be found here

applicants who have already finished their studies in a different subject at a German university have to submit a certified copy of their degree which includes the final mark as well as a written statement explaining why they decided to apply for a second subject until July 15, 2024 at the student and examination office. Generally, the same regulations and criteria as for the study programmes offered via "hochschulstart" apply. 


A local online application "on site" after the local admission procedure is expected to be required for the following study programmes at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf:

  • Art History
  • Japanese Studies
  • Art History
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Japanese Studies
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
    • Note: information about the application procedure can be found here
  • Industrial Pharmacy
    • Note: information about the application procedure can be found here
  • Moleculare Biomedicine
    • Note: information about the application procedure can be found here
  • Psychology
    • Note: The relevant information about the application procedure for the Master's study programme "Psychology" can be found on this separate page.
  • Translational Neuroscience
    • Note: information about the application procedure can be found here
  • Economics
    • Note: information about the application procedure can be found here

For the above mentioned multiple Bachelor's programmes offered by the Philosophical Faculty at the HHU (consisting of one Major and one Minor subject each) there are additional study programmes with open admission. If you want to study one subject with restriction admission and another subject with open admission, you will only have to apply for the subject with restricted admission. (Questions regarding this procedure can be directed towards the Student Service Center (SSC), Tel. 0211-81-12345).

The application is set to be open from beginning May, 2024 until July 15, 2024. 

Applicants who wish to gain university entrance (to the above mentioned study programmes) without an "Abitur", please read the information here.


Please mind the information regarding the "Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure" for study places (DoSV) in the winter term 2024/25 on this page.


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