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Make sure to have enough money on you for your first days in Germany as you will have to pay for registration processes, accommodation, public transport and your general living costs.


Open a "Girokonto" (checking account) in Germany as your monthly salary or scholarship will be transferred to this account. You will receive a debit card you can use to pay in most shops or to withdraw money from ATMs. You can also set up standing orders for regular payments such as for rent, telephone, internet, broadcasting fee etc. To open an account, you need your registration certificate from the Residents' Registration Office ("Meldebescheinigung") as well as your passport or ID. In certain cases, you may also need your residence permit. A number of banks offer free bank accounts for enrolled students (including doctoral students!), so make sure you bring your student ID card with you.



The cost of living in Düsseldorf depends on your personal needs and lifestyle. In general, you should budget for 750 - 900 € per month.

Average monthly costs per person:

Rent (including utilities)

         400 - 600 €   
Food          100 - 150 €

Public transport

(free for enrolled students)

           40 - 100 €
Phone / Internet / Broadcasting fees                    45 €  
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