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Group photo of the HHU senate

The Senate

The Senate is the only central University institution where all members of the University are represented and where they can meet to discuss various matters and problems concerning the University. It is involved in all fundamental, structural decisions affecting the University and supports the Rectorate by contributing aspects from all areas of the University to this process. The Forum of the Senate contributes to making decision processes more transparent and open, promotes cooperation between the groups and faculties in a spirit of trust and also helps establish a common political will within the University.

The tasks of the Senate are defined by law and include commentary on the annual report by the Rectorate, the adoption and amendment of University regulations, as well as recommendations and commentary on the draft University Development Plan and the draft version of the agreement on objectives (Hochschulvertrag) concluded between HHU and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, evaluation reports, the business plan and the principles for the allocation of posts and resources to the departments, facilities and operating units of the University. The Senate is also involved in the election and de-selection of members of the Rectorate.

Any questions or suggestions relating to the Senate and its work should be addressed to its members, who are representatives of the various groups and faculties.

Members by status group


Professor Dr Ute Johanna Bayen, Professor Dr Bruno Bleckmann, Professor Dr Stefan Conrad, Professor Dr Ulrich Karl Decking, Professor Dr Tanja Fehm, Professor Dr Guido Förster, Professor Dr Axel Görlitz, Professor Dr Bernhard Homey, Professor Dr Christian Kersting, Professor Dr Wolfram Trudo Knoefel (Chair), Professor Dr Eckhard Lammert, Professor Dr Frank Leinen, Professor Dr Ertan Mayatepek, Professor Dr Thomas Poguntke, Professor Dr Ulli Seegers

Academic staff

Dr Michael Coenen, Dr Christian Dumpitak, Dr Jasmin Grande, Dr Ursula Kessen (Deputy Chair), Dr Ute Olliges-Wieczorek


Celine Coldewe, Rebecca Hermans, Raphael Hofmann, Johan Lensing, Robin Raffael Solinus

Technical and administrative staff

Janine Janus, Veronika Mendorf, René Michalski (member of the Executive Committee), Dietlind Vobis

Dates, agendas and resolutions

Please refer to the German page to see all details and data.

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