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der Senat sitzt zusammen

The Senate

The senate is the only central university body where all members of the university are represented, and where they can meet to discuss various aspects and problems concerning the university. The Senate forum contributes to making decision processes both more transparent and open, promotes trusting cooperation between groups and faculties, and also helps to create a common political will within the university.    

The senate’s tasks are defined by law and include participation in electing a President, commenting on the President’s annual report, passing and adapting university regulations, as well as making suggestions and comments regarding the draft version of the university development plan and the agreement on objectives, evaluation reports, the business plan, and concerning principles of the allocation of posts and resources to the departments, facilities and operating units of the university.

Any questions or suggestions relating to the senate and its work should be addressed to its members who are representatives of the various groups and faculties.

Supporting the Senate

The Chancellor's Office & University Council's Office Unit (Stabsstelle Kanzlerbüro & Geschäftsstelle Hochschulrat) is in charge of the Senate's affairs. It is at your disposal for all matters concerning the Senate.

Senate Working Group 'Sustainability'

In the future, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf would like to devote itself more effectively to the topic of 'sustainability'. For this purpose, it has, e.g., set up the "Senats-AG Nachhaltigkeit" (Senate Working Group on Sustainability).

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