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FAQ Applicants


You can find the following instructions on how to apply for the relevant degree programme here.

Withdraw your application. You can then click on “Continue to edit request” and upload the documents at the appropriate points. Remember to re-submit your application afterwards.

Withdraw your application. You can then click on “Continue to edit request”/“Edit request”.

Please note: If you want to change details relating to your university entrance qualification, you need to withdraw all applications first. Remember to re-submit your application afterwards. If the status of your application is already set to “Valid” or individual parts of your application have already been marked as "Correct", you may no longer be able to edit your application. In this case, please contact .

No. The deadlines stated are so-called “cut-off deadlines”. That means: Missing documents cannot be submitted after the deadline has passed and will not be accepted.

You can find information on the meaning of the individual status options under “Your applications” in your user account in the application portal.

Please complete all the mandatory fields marked with * and upload the corresponding documents.

In this case, you need to register again with Digstu and create a new applicant account so that it can be synchronized with your new BID/BAN. However, your previous matriculation number will remain the same when changing courses, as we will merge the accounts. If you encounter any difficulties verifying your new user ID via email, please send us a short email with your applicant number. We will manually activate your account.

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