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Application as a foreign student

Change of the application process from the summer term 2021 onwards (for non-EU citizens)

When applying for a study programme (except master's and doctoral studies, applications for higher semesters) for the summer term 2021 or later, for non-EU citizens it is obligatory to hand in a preliminary check documentation (VPD) issued by uni-assist. This document has to be handed in together as well as an approved language certificate (for example a DSH-2-certificate).  The VPD must be issued for the application at the University of Düsseldorf. A uni-assist test report is not sufficient. If the assessment test has been passed, it must also be submitted to uni-assist so it can be considered in the VPD.   Non-EU citizens with a university entrance qualification from an EU country are exempt from this obligation.

In order to obtain a preliminary check documentation (VPD) the local educational certificates have to be verified by uni-assist. Please contact uni-assist timely (at least 8 weeks before the university's application deadline).

Thus, the local educational certificates do not have to be submitted when applying at the Heinrich Heine University anymore.

Exception: When you apply for a masters, a doctoral study programme or for higher semesters  you have to submit the original versions of your local educational certificates and additonally include a translated version of your documents in German, English or French. All copies/documents need to be certified for the enrollment.

The application deadline for study programmes with limited admission is set for January 15 (summer term) and July 15 (winter term). The application deadline for study programmes with open admission can be found here.

Please apply online via our application portal. Please note the following information when applying to DoSV study programmes.


Non-EU citizens with an university entrance qualification from an EU country apply for ONC subjects/DoSV subjects like EU citizens/Germans.

Applications for the 1st  semester (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) are given lower priority if a university semester has already been completed in the same course of study at a German university.

Applications for the 1st semester of medicine/state examination are not possible if, at the time of application, the Physikum has already been taken or the first section of the medical examination has been credited as a result of academic achievements to date. In these cases, applications can only be made for the clinical semesters.

Please note that special applications are only relevant for German nationals, EU citizens, German nationals with a German education and those who have the same status as Germans.

Which documents have to be submitted?

For bachelor or state examination study programmes the following documents must be submitted:

the preliminary check documentation for the HHUD issued by uni-assist (see above) and an approved language certificate have to be submitted when applying to Heinrich-Heine-University. The "Feststellungsprüfung" may also serve as a German language certificate. Therefore, local educational certificates do not have to be handed in generally anymore.

For Master's and doctoral study programmes the following documents have to be submitted for application:

  • degree certificate as well as record of subjects and performance (copies in the original language and in German, translated by a sworn translator; English and French certificates do not need to be translated)
  • official, certified copy of the DSH (2 or 3) certificate (= German language university entrance exam for foreign students) or a comparable German language proficiency certificate, except you apply for a Master's programme or doctoral studies offered entirely in non-german language.
  • if you have changed your name (e.g. through marriage), please submit a copy of the marriage certificate or other appropriate proof.
  • if you have already begun studying in Germany, please submit the current certificate of enrolment (= Studienbescheinigung), showing subject(s) studied, intended degree and number of semesters studied.
  • Doctorate: If you are planning to study for a doctorate degree, you need the dean’s permission and a letter confirming academic supervision by your supervisor.

When applying for a higher semester, recognition of previous academic achievements must be submitted.


Special cases


  • Applicants from the People's Republic of China must uploaded and at the time of enrolment submit the original Zertifikat der Akademischen Prüfstelle (APS) from the German Embassy in Beijing:
  • Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
    Kulturreferat, Akademische Prüfstelle
    Landmark Tower 2, Office 03118
    8, Dongsanhuan Beilu
    Chaoyang District, 100004 Beijing, VR China
    Telefon: 0086-10-6590-7138 oder -7141, (Mo. bis Do. 13.00 - 17.00 Uhr chinesischer Zeit)
    Fax: 0086-10-6590-0051,


  • Applicants from Vietnam must uploaded and at the time of enrolment submit the original Zertifikat der Akademischen Prüfstelle (APS) from the German Embassy in Hanoi.

Certificates must be submitted in officially certified form upon enrolment.

The Preliminary Check Documentation

If you need a confirmation of your university entrance qualification (e.g. in order to extend your visa or in case you do not have a proof of German language skills, yet) prior to your application, you will have the possibility to get your foreign certificates checked for a fee via uni-assist .

German language courses

Applicants for the German language course, offered by the General Student's Committee (AStA), need to complete the enrolment process for the German language course at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

In order to join the German language course, applicants have to sign up for a placement test via AStA and pass the examination. Listed on the AStA website below you will find the documents which need to be submitted upon registering for the placement test.

If you meet the criteria for the enrolment as a participant of the German language course, the folllowing  documents need to be submitted at the Registrar's and Examination Office (Studierenden- und Prüfungsverwaltung):

Online application: The following documents must  be uploaded.

  •  participation certificate issued by the AStA confirming your registration for the German language course (confirmation stating that you have passed the placement test and payed the enrolment fee of  450 €)
  •  preliminary documentation (VPD) issued by uni-assist (the VPD costs approx. 75 €)
  • if you have changed your name (e.g. through marriage), a copy of your marriage certificate

Further information regarding the German language course can be found here:

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