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Student and Examination Administration

Student and Examination Administration Department

Your contact for all questions regarding the organisation of your studies at HHU.

In the same building you can also find the Student Services Centre (SSC) which can also help you with all kinds of questions regarding the organisation of your studies (Monday - Friday 9am-6pm).

Abweichende Sprechzeiten

  • Die Sprechstunden in Prüfungsangelegenheiten für BWL, VWL, Master Toxikologie, Master Translational Neuroscience und Medizin finden vorübergehend dienstags und donnerstags nicht statt. Am Mittwoch, den 17.08.2022 fällt die Sprechstunde zusätzlich aus.

The Student Services Center (SSC) will be open Monday through Friday from 8am – 4pm, and 8am - 6pm on Wednesdays.

To limit the risk of infection, please check whether your request can be resolved with the help of one of our online services before your visit.

The SSC hotline is currently available from 9am – 3pm by calling +49 211 81-12345.

Student Administration Registrar's office

Examination Administration

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