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Check list for planning your research stay at HHU

The Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center aims to help plan your research stay and make your start at HHU as smooth as possible. For personal advice, please register for our Tutor Service for international researchers.

  1. Arrange the beginning of your stay in good time with your host institute
  2. Check the entry requirements and apply for a visa if necessary  – more
  3. Please inform yourself regularly about the Corona regulations - more 
  4. Arrange accommodation in Düsseldorf – more
  5. Take out health insurance – more
  6. Collect important documents & records – more
  7. Doctoral students: Start the admission and enrollment process  - more
  8. Guest doctoral students: Check if you want to enroll at the HHU  - more
  9. Register for our German courses - more
  10. Make use of our "Good to know - Germany" - online seminars on the social security system, taxes and rights of residence in Germany - more
  1. Doctoral students: enroll at HHU - more
  2. Register at the local residents' registration office - more
  3. Extend your visa/residence permit at the immigration office - more
  4. Open a German bank account – more
  5. Inform yourself about further education programmes at HHU  - more

Further information can be found in our Flyer!



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