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Evaluation by means of graduate surveys

We are given further insight into the quality of studying at Heinrich Heine University by means of graduate surveys. If you have just or in the recent past completed your course and left our University with a qualification and leaving certificate, we would like to request your assistance.

Your retrospective assessment and evaluation of your course provides us with valuable information about the strengths and weaknesses of teaching at Heinrich Heine University and reveals where there is potential for improvement in the continuous quality development process.

Details of your first employment or professional career, as well as your estimation of the applicability of the competencies acquired in your course, equally help us in the ongoing further development of our study courses under consideration of vocational requirements.

Please take part in our graduates’ survey! You will give us important feedback and improve teaching for future generations of fellow students. Participation is possible both online and in written form – strictest data protection and anonymity are guaranteed.

Click here to participate in the graduates’ survey:

Tips on data protection (in German)

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