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Information on exchanging university places

Offering Cologne, searching for Düsseldorf...

Swapping university places in Germany is generally possible, but strictly bound to certain rules: swapping your study place with someone else is only possible if both students are definitely enroled at a German university in the same study programme and in the same semester.

Furthermore, both of you should be in possession of the same type of performance records.

If you have found a partner to swap university places with, you will have to submit a swapping form at both universities that are involved.  The Heinrich Heine University requires the submission of the swapping form for the winter term 2021 by no later than October 15, 2021.


Swapping forms for the winter term 2021/22
bound to subject and semester:

Only submitted applications can be considered. Please understand that no statement regarding the outcome of your application can be made in advance. 

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