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Informationen regarding the participation in the random selection procedure

If you want to take part in the random selection procedure, it is sufficient to apply informally via  , the application should include your name (matriculation number if applicable) as well as your address and the desired study programme and degree.  The email subject should include the study programme and degree.

There are no fixed dates or deadlines for random selection procedures.

Applicants will only receive a letter (of confirmation) in case of admission. Applicants will not be notified about the receipt of their application form.

In order to ensure proper functioning of the procedure, please avoid contacting the Student and Examination Administration for information about your current application status. Due to the high amout of emails and phone inquiries it is not possible to answer every request.

In the winter semester 2021/22 there will be a random selection procedures in the following subjects:

Business Chemistry
Natural Sciences
Quantitative Biology

Bachelor's Programmes minor subject
Historical Studies

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