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Informationen regarding the participation in the random selection procedure

Starting from 28 February 2024 hochschulstart.de is carrying out the coordinated clearing procedure: "Coordinated clearing procedure and random selection procedure for DOSV study programmes via hochschulstart.de"

New applications within the framework of the random selection procedure of the coordinated move-up can only be submitted centrally in the application portal of Hochschulstart (applications possible from 25-27 February) - not in the application portal of HHU. The following study programs are participating until 31 March 2024:

State examination

A random selection procedure will be done for the following subjects:

Subject Status
Pharmacy (State examination) in progress

Current deadline: 10 April 2024

To participate in the random selection procedure, applications must be submitted via the HHU Düsseldorf application portal. Applications received by e-mail cannot be considered.

Applicants who have applied for a study programme at HHU this year and already have an account (not university ID) for the application portal, please proceed as follows:
Log in to the application portal and submit another application for the desired subject via Add application on the application page

Applicants who have not yet applied for a study programme via the HHU portal must first complete the self-registration process on the homepage of the application portal. Applicants who are already registered at hochschulstart.de should preferably use their BID and BAN to transfer their master data.

Once you have been randomly selected, you can apply for enrolment - just as you would with a regular application.

In order to ensure a smooth procedure, please refrain from making inquiries by telephone (also due to the large number of applications)!

Click here to access the application portal of HHU Düsseldorf 

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