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Important Documents

You and your family members will need several documents when entering Germany and starting your research at HHU. Here is a list of important documents for your visa application, for entering Germany, for your work contract or enrollment at university and for the residents’ as well as the foreigners’ registration office.

Please bring the original documents and/or certified translations thereof in English or German.

  • passport
  • visa
  • invitation letter from the university or scholarship award letter
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate 
  • curriculum vitae
  • certificates of school education
  • certificates and transcripts of your university degrees (including content of study; focus areas; individual marks obtained during studies)
  • only doctoral researchers: German or English language certificates depending on the field of doctoral studies  - more
  • proof of employment after graduating from university
  • valid health insurance card or German health insurance number
  • driver's license
  • biometric passport photos


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