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As long as nothing happens, we usually give little or no thought to corruption. But if the case occurs, the consequences are immense: In addition to the loss of reputation with, as a rule, subsequent economic damage for HHU, there is the threat of a loss of confidence in the independence of public administration and its employees. The functioning of the organization "university" and its decision-makers will be damaged and work processes in the affected organizational units will be put to the test. The guideline for preventing and combating corruption is the authoritative set of rules at HHU, which, together with the associated "Code of Conduct against Corruption", provides guidance and assistance at the same time.

The aim is to show that corruption is neither tolerated nor supported!

In accordance with the business distribution plan, the head of the Internal Audit staff unit assumes the function of anti-corruption officer at HHU and is available as a contact person for employees, students, business partners and third parties.

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