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Chief Information Officer

For the integration, coordination and monitoring of all areas of information processing, communication and the new media, the President’s office has appointed the Chief Information Officer (CIO). His main responsibilities include:

  • developing an overall concept of organising knowledge management, the provision and processing of information, as well as the use of new media. This is based on recommendations made by the Commission on Information Provision and Processing and New Media (KIM).
  • planning and decision-making authority over comprehensive operative IKM (information, communication and media) aspects as well as supervising and coordinating the respective activities in this field. The goal is information management which goes beyond individual study programmes and institutions.
  • enforcing the overall concept together with the President’s office, in particular by determining “Policies” and responsibilities.
  • representing all relevant IKM (information, communication and media) strategies and interests, both internally and externally, as well as implementing the KIM’s (Commission on Information Provision and Processing and New Media) recommendations within the President’s office.


Responsible for the content: