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FAQ Application, enrollment, re-registration, certificates, ...

Due to the increased workload, the processing time of your inquiries can currently be delayed.

Please read the following currently very frequently asked questions and their answers below:

My M 10 (notification from the health insurance company) is not available:
Due to technical problems, the HHU is currently not receiving all reports from the health insurers. That is why many application portals say "M 10 notification is not available", although your health insurance company has already sent it.
We are working hard to find a solution to the problem. You don't have to actively do anything else.

I have not fully specified the intended purpose for the social contribution:
If you didn't specify the intended use completely correctly, then that's no problem. We can still match your payment. This just takes a little longer.

The status of my application is still “Matriculation applied for”:
The enrollment requested status means that you have accepted your place on the course and enrollment is being processed. Please have a little patience. You will receive an email when the processing is finished.
If documents for enrollment are missing, you will receive an email.

I received an email with the subject: Announcement of de-registration for the winter semester 2023/24:
If you have received an e-mail with this subject from the student and examination administration, please check your e-student service to find out the reason for the missing response: www.digstu.hhu.de
Possible reasons:
Social contribution not paid, not paid in full or not on time (15.8.): please transfer the social contribution or the missing amount. You will then be automatically reported back. Information about the amount and the account details can be found here: www.hhu.de/studium/werbung-und-einschrift/rueckmelde-beurlaubung-und-exmatrikulation/rueckmeldung
Feedback lock: there are different possibilities why you can have a feedback lock. You can find information on this in the e-student service.
If you have completed your studies and are only waiting for your grades and are no longer at the HHU for further studies in the next semester, then you do not need to do anything else.
If you have completed your studies and have submitted an application to change subjects: If you have already paid the social security contribution, you will be automatically reported back as soon as the change of subject has been processed.

The status of my application is still “Received”:
In the case of the master's degree programs with NC, only those applicants who have received a place are initially informed via the portal. It is therefore possible that the status will still be "received" in September.
We process the applications as quickly as possible for the master's degree programs without NC and the bachelor's degree programs without NC. Please have a little patience.

I would like to apply for a change of subject, de-register, change my contact details, receive a certificate of enrollment or BAföG certificate, or need an overview of my achievements:
The e-student service is available to you at www.digstu.hhu.de for all of these concerns. If you have difficulties with the new services, we will be happy to help you personally at the SSC.

For more information on opening and consultation times, please visit www.hhu.de/ssc

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