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Personal Profile HHU Ambassadors

Dr. Nasser Sewelam
Tanta University
Botany Department
Tanta, Gharbia 31527



Stay at HHU:
Reseach stay Institute for Plant Molecular Physiology and Biotechnology
PD Dr. Veronica Maurino
06/2013 - 12/2013

Research Interests:
In their natural habitats, plants are rarely to be subjected to a single stress. My research interest is studying
multi-stress conditions that are concomitant to global warming, where plants, simultaneously, would experience
a combination of high temperature, drought and salt stresses. The plant response to single, double and
triple combinations of these abiotic stresses is investigated at the molecular and physiological levels.

Research Experiences:
*Studying plant response to multiple environmental stresses using micro-array, RNA-seq and qRT-PCR
*Physiological studies, e.g. photosynthetic activity, enzyme activity, stress markers (lipid peroxidation level,
H2O2 content).

Responsible for the content: