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The English-taught study programme that fits you!

We invite you to join us!

Testimonials of students about our master´s programmes in English

“The quality of teaching has been overwhelmingly positive here. I can only speak for myself and my study, physics, which is a rather small program compared to others. Coming into the Master’s Programm, most of my Professor recognize me and are friendly and welcoming for questions or comments during lectures or in their office. The Professors are very grounded and meet you eye-to-eye in conversations”. 
(Luisa Coen, master study programme Physics)

“After I finished my Bachelor of Medizinische Physik at the HHU I chose the English master-study programme because I think a English programme prepares me better for work in the field of research. In physics and medical physics, nearly every paper you may have to read for your own research is written in English. So it will get easier for you to communicate with other scientist all over the world if you have a basic understanding of physical terms. This basic understanding is easily to gain by taking the English master’s programme”.
(Luisa Coen, master study programme Physics)

More reasons... "Why should you choose our English-taught study programmes?":
  • Our degree programmes in English are distributed among two faculties: Mathematics and Natural Science and Arts and Humanities. These faculties are particularly strong in research.
  • Several co-operation partnerships with medium and large sized companies creating many internship, practical experience and career opportunities.
  • More than 4,000 international students from all across the world study at hhu.
  • We also have more than 350 co-operations with international universities.
  • The University Library Düsseldorf offers an extensive portfolio of services and long opening-hours.
  • HHU is a modern “campus university” – student accommodation, teaching and research facilities, and leisure activities at one site.
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