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For students and academics from Ukraine
HHU aid programme

The management of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU) is also deeply saddened by the ongoing war in Ukraine – and has launched its own aid programme. In the future, staff and students from Ukrainian universities who have fled to North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) will be able to come to HHU and benefit from mentoring and scholarship opportunities.

Flags in the national colours of Ukraine on the HHU campus Zoom

Offers of assistance and silent solidarity: Flags in the national colours of Ukraine on the HHU campus

HHU is offering support to both Ukrainian academics who have fled to NRW and students from Ukraine. For students, we will be repeating measures that already proved effective during the refugee crisis in 2015 and 2016, among other things.

HHU is launching the aid measures by offering scholarships for 12 researchers and doctoral students from Ukraine. The first scholarships have already been approved. The recipients will have the opportunity to continue their academic work in their specialist areas for up to six months. In addition to financing living costs, the scholarships also include support in finding accommodation and dealing with authorities.

Measures for refugee students organised by the Student Services Centre and the HHU Student Academy in particular include language courses, counselling and mentoring programmes. The offers – which were made possible thanks in part to a private donation – cover special advice sessions, intercultural training and grants for Ukrainian students at HHU who find themselves in financial difficulties as a consequence of the war. The Rectorate has also concluded an agreement with the Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf (an organisation that provides economic, health-related, cultural and social support services for students) to make a number of flats in the halls of residence available free of charge.

Professor Dr Stefan Marschall, Vice President for International Relations and Science Communication: “The war is an extremely dramatic situation, which is impacting the entire Ukrainian population. We see it as our clear obligation to help wherever we can. HHU may not have an Eastern European focus or a Ukrainian partner university – but we do have the infrastructure and a great deal of experience in helping refugees, which we are utilising to provide prompt and unbureaucratic aid.”

The University published a declaration of solidarity when the Russian invasion began. President Professor Dr Anja Steinbeck said: “This war at the heart of Europe is an unimaginable catastrophe. We can only imagine the suffering of the people in the country and the distress of Ukrainians here in Düsseldorf. We stand in solidarity with you and will do everything we can to help.”

For all those from universities in Ukraine who are seeking help and would like to continue their research work or studies in Düsseldorf, HHU has set up an information website, which is available in three languages: www.hhu.de/ukraine.

Achim Zolke

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