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Literary Translation
Master of Arts

Short description

Short description

The Master Program in Literary Translation is offered in two variants: either with one source language (English, Spanish, or French) or two (English + Spanish, French, or Italian). In both variants the target language for translation is German. Over four semesters, both theoretical and practical sides of translation will be highlighted while accruing knowledge within literary- and cultural studies from the relevant source language(s). Graduates of the program will be prepared for professional employment as a literary translator.

Entry/Admission requirements

The prerequisites for admission are the following: A successfully completed, relevant bachelor’s degree program (Minimum grade average 2,5) and a German university entrance qualification. Relevant Bachelor's Programs in the fields of foreign languages, linguistics and literature (at least 10 CP in language courses from selected source language(s) and at least 4 CP in linguistics and/or literary studies) may also be deemed acceptable. In some cases, parts of these requirements can be studied in the Masters' program. International applicants without a higher education entrance qualification from a German-speaking country must also have achieved German language proficiency at the C2 CEF level.

Programme content

The interdisciplinary Master Program in Literary Translation combines course content, depending on the selected source language(s), from the fields of English, German and Romance Studies in a four-semester study program. Students are taught literary translation skills as well as intercultural competences in order to prepare them for careers in publishing, institutions of cultural education and training as well as companies and associations active across Europe. The Master's Program is characterized by a combination of research and practical application. Most seminars are instructed by professional translators, and students typically complete two internships as a part of the Translator's College in Straelen.

Programme structure

Introductions to theory and practice in the field of translation theory are followed by literary- and cultural studies courses in English and/or Romance languages (depending on source language(s)) as well as practical translation seminars and job studies. The Master Thesis is intended to be completed in the fourth semester.

Curriculum plan including two source languages.

Curriculum plan including one source language.

Programme objectives/Career prospects

Occupations within the German publication industry, which publish translations of English, French, Italian and Spanish literary texts, represent a suitable field of work. Graduates of the program can apply their competencies in European institutions of cultural mediation and further education as well as within European companies and European-oriented organizations. The integration of professionals from the translation, publishing and media sectors into the curriculum and supporting program, along with the program's partnership with the European Translator's College in Straelen guarantee a comprehensive career-oriented education.

Programme start:
Winter semester
Programme duration:
4 semesters
Language of instruction:
German (partially: English or French or Italian or Spanish)
Application procedure:
Admission-free with aptitude assessment in the application portal
Closing date for applications:
Closing date for enrolment:
16/07/2024 - 04/10/2024
Closing date for re-registration:
01/07/2024 - 15/08/2024
Relevant documents:

Examination regulations

Module guide

Both available in German only.


Information flyer

Available in German only.

Study programme contact:

Kristina Ahrens (M.A.)


Phone: +49 211 81-11507


PD Dr. Vera Elisabeth Gerling


Phone: +49 211 81-12981

Study programme/Department
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Student Services Center (SSC)
Building: 21.02 / SSC
Phone +49 211 81‐12345


For questions regarding the course of studies and for examination issues:

Student and Examination Administration
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