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UniverSAY App

An app for the UNIVERSEH community to learn languages and connect

The UniverSAY app, a project by the HHU UNIVERSEH Team, is a language-learning tool for all students, researchers and staff of the Alliance universities.

In order to become multilingual or improve their language and intercultural skills, this app will support you in different ways:

  • Get information about the Alliance itself and cultural aspects of the university partners.
  • Use the platform to connect and learn languages with others in form of Language Cafés and eTandems.
  • Learn vocabulary and expressions in all UNIVERSEH languages: French, German, English, Polish, and Swedish through quizzes.
  • Find current and exclusive news and information - on courses, workshops, events, language- learning tips, Summer and Winter Schools, mobility opportunities, etc.

* It is free of charge and offers a protected space that is only available to students, researchers and staff of the Alliance.

With UniverSAY...

► Find a safe and fluent Alliance etandem partner to practice your languages!

► Use our Forum - here you can ask us all about programmes and activities.

► Share your favorite place @your home university with the UNIVERSEH community.